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No "Right Click" JavaScript

Part One: Cut & Paste this script... this information goes
right under the HEAD in the HTML area of your webpage.

Works with IE & Netscape 4+ browsers.

What does it do? When a person comes to your site, and "right clicks"
on your graphic... to either TAKE the graphic, or find out the http:// location
of the graphic to direct link using your server... the SAVE or PROPERTY
screen does not work! Instead a little screen pops up... try clicking on the
graphic used here to see this script in action! Go ahead... right click
and try to save this graphic! don't try this on this page.. go to our index
and give it a try... if I put it on this page, some won't even be able to
save and use the script... thanks to Diane for letting me know that because
I had the script on this page... she was not able to save this script!! Oh the fun
of trying to save our graphics on the net!

We know there are other ways they can still get to our graphics, but
with every little bit we can add to prevent this... less and less people
will learn that copyright means... NO, you can not, and should not take our work!

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