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Description of a Commercial Site... A site who makes money or intends to make money via the web, or other means where the clipart will be used. This includes sites that carry banner ads on their site, selling of a product, or service.

Commercial sites wishing to use the "FREE" to use clipart that we offer for non-profit sites, may do so once the registration fee has been paid.

Price per clipart $1.00
Price per animated clipart $2.00
Price per background $2.00

Prices cover the License to Use the clipart on one web site. This clipart may not be used in a clipart collection, altered in any way, or made available for use to others. It is solely intended to be used for your own web site only. A copyright notice must be placed on each page where the clipart is being used with a link back to this site.

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Clipart 1999 Loraine Wauer </a>

Send Registration Fees to:

Loraine Wauer
P.O.Box 132
Tipton, Michigan 49287

USA funds only. Total Enclosed $_______

Your Name

Company or WebSite Name

URL of website where the clipart will be used

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