What is "Direct Linking" ...

      Direct Linking ... Hot Linking... is when someone takes one of my graphics, and uses it either on a web page, in their email, or even in a chat... and it is being pulled from my server.

      Q: Why can't I just add <IMG SRC="http://www.billybear4kids.com/nameofgraphic.gif">?
      A: ...because it's the WRONG way to do it! ...you are using my server and not your own. You can not use my server for your web pages, chats or for your email... this too is wrong unless you are using your own server, and not mine! You must download my clipart to your computer's hard drive, then upload them to your own server.

      Here is a brief explanation of terms used...

      Download - use your right mouse button and SAVE clipart to your computer's hard drive, that is called downloading when you do this.

      Upload - sending your files to your server using a FTP program, this is called uploading when you do this. Most of your internet providers, or places where you want to put your web page will help you learn how to do this.

      Server - is the computer where you store (save) your files on for your web page on the internet.

      Link - This is a way that you can get from one site to another site on the internet. For example: You can add a link back to my site so others can visit. This link would look like this... Billy Bear's Playground. The HTML code would look like this... <a href="http://www.billybear4kids.com/">Billy Bear's Playground</a>

      Direct Linking - This is an internet NO NO! This is where you link a graphic to your web page by coding it so that the graphic comes from someone else's computer (or their server's computer) instead of your own (or your server's computer). This causes not only your graphics to load slower, or may appear as a missing icon, it steals bandwidth ...which is very costly for those you are doing this to!

      Bandwidth - is the amount of information sent through the internet.

      Copyright - The person who creates something, such as a graphic, by law, owns the rights to his or her work. If you use someones work without their permission, or without following their License to Use (aka Rules), this is a violation of their copyright... which means... it is against the law.

      WebTV, Chat & Email click here for more information. But do come back up here, and read the rest of the page for more information, especially if you want to create your own web page for the internet.

      Here's a few more reasons why you should not use my server...

      If I have a graphic and decide to take it off the internet or if I rename a graphic (I rename clipart several times a month now)... you will end up with this on your page...

      This is called a "Missing Graphic Icon"

      Or sometimes a graphic artist will rename their graphics and put another graphic on their server using the original name... then you will end up with "unknown" graphics on your page... something like this...

      This one is "nice" ...I've seen some really bad ones... I mean REALLY bad graphics pop up on web pages. So remember... don't code your HTML the WRONG way by using someone else's server! Remember to DOWNLOAD to your computer's hard drive, then UPLOAD to your own server.

      Did You Know?

    • When you code your HTML this way, your webpage takes longer to come onto your visitor's screen? Many will leave (and not visit again) because it takes to long for the graphics to load. Most won't wait around, they'll surf off to another webpage.
    • I don't know if you noticed... but when this page loaded, it took a long time because it was looking for the "missing graphic" ...and if you've got a page filled with missing graphics... your page will take a long time to load!

    • When you do this you are grabbing bandwidth from someone else's server? When you do it to me... it slows down the webpages from loading onto my visitor's screen. ...don't do it! It's not fair to my visitors!
    • Some servers charge their users for any extra bandwidth that they use. This is not very fair to the graphic artist who has to "pay" extra money out because "you" are using his/her graphics for "free" ...the WRONG way!

    • We, all of us, need to teach people the correct way to code their HTML...

      If you are coding the wrong way... and using graphics from one of my main pages (and not from the clipart pages) then I use a banner like this one.

      How do we know if you've coded wrong?

      One way is to do a search, here we used Alta Vista Search Engine. Type in:


      ...this will bring up sites that have linked to our site and/or coded their HTML wrong and are using our server for the graphics instead of their own server. If you want to do a search on graphics on your page, type in:

      image:the domain name/name of your site is listed as

      You can also do a serch for individual graphics by typing in the name of the graphic.

      Okay... so what's the correct way?

      If it's okay with the original artist, you need to DOWNLOAD the graphics to your computer's hard drive... then UPLOAD them to your server.

      Q: I don't know how to DOWNLOAD or UPLOAD.
      A: Download PC users: by clicking with your "right" button on your Mouse. MAC users: by clicking on the graphic with your mouse button and hold it down for a few seconds. When the little screen pops up, select to SAVE.

      Upload to your server. If you don't know how, ask your server how to upload to their system. Most use a FTP program and can tell you how to use the program.

      Q: What is the HTML code to put graphics on my page?
      A: <IMG SRC="nameofgraphic.gif"> Put the graphic in the same directory as your HTML page is located. You can visit our HTML Helper page for more help on HTML (code for creating WebPages)

      Q: ...but I use WebTV, not a computer. I can't download/upload graphics.
      A: Sorry... the only way to avoid this from happening to you... you need to have a computer's hard drive.

      Suggestion... Visit Kinkos! I've heard that you can upload graphics to your own server for your own webpages at Kinkos! Another thing you can do is find a friend with a computer and ask them to download & upload for you. This way you can use the clipart from my collections because you'll be able to unzip them.

      WebTV Voice great site to visit for help!!!

      TransLoad Service is another way that allows you to download/upload using their service. Because my clipart is now in .zipped format, you will not be able to use my clipart this way, but for other clipart collections, this service is great. If EVERYONE would stop direct linking to my clipart, then I could concider once again unzipping my clipart... but til then, I have to leave them zipped.

      Q: What about those sites that let us direct link their artwork?
      A: I would NOT use any of those sites, most have taken work that they have found around the net, not even knowing who they belong to. Using them could get you in trouble with the original artists! Stay away from collection sites like those.

      Q: I want to Chat and use your clipart for my charcter, can I?
      A: NO... you can not use my Clipart. But... if you do this... UPLOAD the clipart to your own server, and pull the bandwidth from your server, then yes you can use my clipart from my clipart pages.

      Q: I would like to use your clipart for my email.
      A: NO... you can not use my Clipart. But... if you do this... UPLOAD the clipart to your own server, and pull the bandwidth from your server, then yes you can use my clipart from my clipart pages.

      Q: If I see a graphic on someone's webpage, can I take it?
      A: If it does not belong to you... don't take it! ...if you do, you could be breaking the law! The only time you can take a graphic from someone's webpage is if the original artist says that you can.

      Need Clipart for your WebPages?
      Visit sites that allow you to use their ORIGINAL clipart! Then you know that you are not violating any Copyright Laws. Remember, it is also good practice to read the Artist's License to Use... this will tell you what is required in return for using their graphics. Most Artisit's you find on the internet will allow you to use their clipart for "free" (for non-profit use, meaning that you won't be making any money from it). Normally the Artist will ask for a link back to their page, and/or a copyright notice be put on your pages so others will know where the clipart came from.

      BEWARE! Too many sites that claim to offer "FREE Clipart" from their Collection webpages, often just travel around the internet grabbing art that they see and like and then post it on their pages... DO NOT TAKE GRAPHICS FROM THESE SITES! ...often times they themselves are in violation of copyright laws! A good way to tell if they are in violation of copyright laws... if you see a disclaimer that states they do not know if the graphics are copyright???...then the graphics they have include... Disney, or Looney Toon Characters... we ALL know they are protected by Copyright Laws!

      Did you know that the minute a graphic is created by the artist it is covered under the copyright laws? It is! ...and if you take it, you are in violation of copyright laws! If it's not yours... Don't take it! ...unless the original artist says that you can.

      How would you feel if you spent hours making something... only to have it taken by someone else? ... one more time, If it's not yours... Don't take it! ...unless the original artist says that you can.

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