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Clipart Program - Kids
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Clipart Package 10 - Signing Kids & PC Program

350 Clipart Signing Kids & PC Program
Format: .gif
Price: $19.95

4Cells.gif - 23263 Bytes

nKidSign4.gif - 5354 Bytes Create your own Siging Children... use them to create Your Name... or web page greetings. Set them on a page... or use your animation editor to add animation. We've included a few animations as examples of things you can create.

Sample Hand Signs used in this program.

Use the Drag & Drop PC Program to create your own printable bookmarks and other printing projects where you can print, cut and paste. You can also use the program to create your own Kid Clipart... there's instructions in the program that tell you how.

a-SignLOVE2.gif - 19068 Bytes

Girl on the right... is signing the letter "N" Use the letters to create your own name. Add them to stationery to send to your friends. We've included a couple stationery samples to give you an idea of what you can create.

This program is slow... it is really much slower on slower computers.

There is a tutorial on how to use the Kid clipart in your graphic editor to create LOTS of Kid Cliparts. We use Paint Shop Pro... but you might find that some of the tools used in PSP will be called the same in your graphic editor. If you need a copy of PSP... visit Jasc for a trial download. Or download Paint Shop Pro shareware version 4.14... it is an older version... but a good one to use when you want to learn how Paint Shop Pro works.

Boy on the left is signing... using animation... the word "LOVE" Create Animated or Stationary Names for others... Create Stationery Packages too... sell them from your web site to earn extra cash!

For our animations we use GIF Construction ... a great animation editor!
LoveBanner.gif - 11699 Bytes

createSample.gif - 13899 Bytes      gameSample.gif - 4730 Bytes
Drag and Drop to create your own Signing Children... use them to make your own bookmarks. Or follow our help guide to make your own clipart (using your graphic editor)... or animations (using your animation editor). OR play the Signing Game... click on a letter to see how you can sign the letter of the alphabet.

Order Billy Bear's Storybook Software Online!

Once your order is processed through PayPal... we will send you the url via email so you can download your clipart.

Many of these clipart pieces are large enough to be used in your scrapbook projects... they are also great for webpages... or used in programs such as Storymaker+ and NeoBook for your own program creations.

These cliparts are .gif... 256 colors (two colors... black and white is what you'll see)... you can change this to a higher color if you'd like to... like millions instead of only 256 colors. Use your imagination... be creative!

Helpful Note: Don't try to resize (esp make larger) this clipart... or any .gif clipart... if you do, it will become distorted. Reuse this clipart in it's natural size. If you NEED to make it smaller... make sure you increase the colors to millions... then reduce the size. If you have to make the clipart larger... you will see jagged edges.


PayPal - Clipart 10 - Kids Signing Clipart & PC Program - $19.95

This program runs slow on slower computers. Test out the Drag & Drop Programs before you purchase this program... Create a Teddy Bear Bookmark.


LICENSE TO USE: You have purchased a clipart package that may be used by one single user, on one computer. These clipart pieces are not to be distributed for others to use... they are to be used for your projects only.

You may use them on your website (NOT in a clipart collection to be given away), you may use them for projects ... such as creating storybooks and and other programs.

A License to Use Statement, or Copyright Notice should be included with any webpage or project you are using this clipart for.

Clipart Program - Kids
| Teddy Bear | Mouse | Party Animal | Penguin | Froggy | Dragon


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