Items Needed:

      The pattern (below)
      ribbon or yarn (for the tie)
      hole punch

To copy these book marks so you can use them, click on FILE (located in the top left corner of your computer screen), then click on PRINT.


When you are done printing the book marks, carefully cut out each of them out.

fall.jpg - 22171 Bytes fall2.jpg - 24253 Bytes fall3.jpg - 24582 Bytes

To make your bookmark stronger - after you've colored it, cut it out, then glue it to a heavier piece of paper or thin cardboard ... you could even laminate your bookmark. After you have done this, use a whole punch to add a hole near the top of the bookmark. Cut a few pieces of yarn or ribbon and attach the yarn to the bookmark! Whalla... a beautiful bookmark made by you!

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