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Animal Scoop - Giraffe ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari

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The giraffe is the tallest living mammal. They have long legs, neck, and tongue (as long as 18 inches... if a giraffe sticks his tongue out at you, you'll know it!). Giraffes can run up to 35 mph using their hoofed feet. The giraffe comes from Africa.

mom-baby.jpg - 7172 Bytes Female Giraffes can grow up to 15 feet tall, males to about 17 feet tall. A calf (baby giraffe) is about six feet tall at birth. The baby is able to stand about twenty minutes after they've been born. The baby is born with it's horns.

Because of their height, to reach the ground for food or water, a giraffe must either spread it's front legs... or bend them at the knees. At most zoos, they place a basket of food high up so the giraffe can reach it easily. The giraffe has seven vertabrae in their neck... the same number that we have in our necks... but thiers are longer.

Here are three color variants:

MasaiGgiraffe.jpg - 36850 Bytes
Masai Giraffe

ReticulatedGiraffe .jpg - 33751 Bytes
Reticulated Giraffe

RothschildGiraffe.jpg - 19962 Bytes
Rothschild Giraffe

eat.jpg - 16060 Bytes eat2.jpg - 17989 Bytes
The long tongue of a giraffe.

drink.jpg - 21315 Bytes
This is how the giraffe drinks water.

skull.jpg - 14553 Bytes
Skull of a Giraffe

okapi.jpg - 18388 Bytes
The Okapi is related to the giraffe.


Watch a Baby Giraffe MPG Movie from Indianapolis Zoo run.


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Male: bull     Female: doe     Baby: calf

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Learn to Draw a Giraffe

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