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Animal Scoop - White Alligator - Crocodile - Gator ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
White Alligator - Crocodile

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Due to their webbed feet, alligators swim very well, mainly using their tails to propel through the water. The webbed feet also help them to move through the mud of the wetlands. The alligator floats motionless in the water with only its eyes and nostrils exposed, waiting for a meal.

The White Alligator is rare... survival in the wild is difficult due to their white color it is not easy for them to hide from their enemies. The white gator has a skin condition called “leucism” (insufficient pigment, resulting in paleness)... this is what makes it white... it is not an albino.

Watch as an Alligator swims (MPG movie) through the swampy waters of Florida. See a Crocodile walk (MPG movie) on land.

Male: bull     Female: cow     Baby: hatchling

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The alligator is listed as a threatened species and the crocodile as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act. The crocodile has a tapered and triangular-shaped snouts (live in salt water)... the alligator's snout is broad (live in fresh water).

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Crocodile (left) - You can see the teeth up and down when the mouth is shut. Alligator (right) - Most of the downward teeth show when the mouth is shut.

...then there are others, like the Gavial whose nose is very long.


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Dwarf Caiman (left) - Baby Alligators (right)

The temperature of the baby's nest determines if the baby alligator will be a boy or a girl.

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We found this gator sunning in Florida while on an airboat ride.

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Baby gators from Florida's Everglades.


Our favorite Alligator - Crocodile Desktop Wallpaper

Play the Word Search Game to find out more about
the Alligator & Crocodile.

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Animal CutOuts
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See our Animal Desktop Wallpaper Photos
for more pictures of gators


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