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Animal Scoop - Kangaroo - Wallaby - Wallaroo ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Kangaroo - Wallaby - Wallaroo

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These are the toes of a Kangaroo They have three toes, the center toe being the largest. The kangaroo has large feet (up to 18 inches long). The tendon in their leg acts like a rubber band allowing them to move fast (up to 40 mph), jump high (up to 10 feet) and powerful leaps (up to 12 feet). Their large strong tail helps them to keep their balance when standing and hopping.

The Red Kangaroo is the largest of the kangaroos, and the largest marsupial (carries baby in their pouch). They can stand (shown in photo to the left) up to 6 feet tall. When they are born, they are only about the size of a tiny jelly-bean.

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The kangaroo usually live in mobs (group of kangaroo) of up to 100 kangaroos. The kangaroo are herbivores mammals... their favorite food being grass. This can be a nusance to the cattle farmers trying to feed their herds (group of cattle).

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Here is a Joey in his Kangaroo mommy's pouch. Isn't he cute! The Wallaby on the right is an albino. Photos from the Cleveland Zoo.

There are over 40 different types (species) of Kangaroo. The Wallaroo is a large kangaroo. The Wallaroo is part Wallaby and part Kangaroo.

The Tree Kangaroo (photo on right) live in groups of up to four. Their favorite food is leaves and fruit that they find in trees. They live in New Guinea and Australia.

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Tree Kangaroo

MPG Movie... Watch as a Kangaroo moves... in Slow Motion!

Click to see the larger photo.
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Male: Boomer    Female: Flyer    Baby: Joey

Male: Jack    Female: Jill    Baby: Joey

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Baby Wallaby in his Mommy's pouch


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