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Animal Scoop - Seals - Sealion - Walrus ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Seals - Sealion - Walrus

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Seals - Sealion


Answer Photo

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Seals have no ear flaps

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Sea Lions have ear flaps

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A sea lion can fold his back and front flippers so they can walk on land, unlike that of a seal.

My Sister's Adopted Seal from Toledo Zoo. teri-seaworld.jpg - 8057 Bytes
My Sister interacting with the SeaLions at SeaWorld.
Click for MPG Movie
Sea Lion | Walrus Kiss


A seal uses it's front and back flippers to swim through the water. The sea lion (shown to the lower left), besides using it's flippers for swimming, uses it's flippers and tail to walk on land. The seal will drag, scoot, or roll when moving on land.

flipper-seal.jpg - 2351 Bytes    flipper-sealion.jpg - 2495 Bytes
The flipper on the left is from a seal, notice the nails. The flipper on the right is from a sea lion, no nails.

sealion-nails.jpg - 6589 Bytes
On the back flipper of a Sea Lion, you can see 3 nails.

Both the seal and the sea lion can be very loud when asking or fighting for food. The seal's diet consists mainly of fish.

Sea Lions can be found on the rocky west coast lines of North America, British Columbia to northern Mexico  Harbor Seals live along the shores of both the North Atlantick and North Pacific coast.

When they're not sleeping, the seals can be fun to watch as they swim around. Pups (baby seals) enjoy playing!

There are 33 living species of seals [the Pinniped family] ... they are divided up into 3 sub-species... [True Seals - the Phocidae family] and [Eared Seals - the Otariidae family] and the other member of this family is the walrus [the Odobenidae family].

Click to see photos of Harbor seal, Fur seal, Grey seal and Sea Lion.
MPG Movie... Seal Swimming

sealBaby-c.jpg - 21050 Bytes

Click on the picture to view the larger photo.
tSeal2c.jpg - 3697 Bytes tSeal3c.jpg - 4237 Bytes tSeal6c.jpg - 4291 Bytes tSeal4c.jpg - 5930 Bytes tSeal7c.jpg - 6948 Bytes tSeal8c.jpg - 5330 Bytes tSealion1c.jpg - 4281 Bytes tSealion2c.jpg - 6235 Bytes tSealion3c.jpg - 3534 Bytes tSealion4c.jpg - 4615 Bytes tSealion6c.jpg - 5935 Bytes tSeals1c.jpg - 5109 Bytes

Male: Bull    Female: Cow    Baby: Pup

nursing.jpg - 14121 Bytes
Young Sea Lion Nursing

seal-swim.gif - 4954 Bytes
The true Seal use their rear flippers to swim. The front flippers are used to steer.
sealion-swim.gif - 5583 Bytes
The Sea Lion use their front flippers to swim. The back flippers are used to steer.

playful.jpg - 11030 Bytes Camryn.jpg - 7160 Bytes
Seals being really interactive with the crowd at Toledo Zoo... this seal LOVES Camryn!

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flashcards.gif - 1832 Bytes FlashCards Seal - Sea Lion - Walrus

craybull.gif - 998 Bytes ColorBook Sea Lion | Sea Lion 2

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