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Animal Scoop - Dolphin ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari

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Answer Photo

feeding.jpg - 4801 Bytes
SeaWorld, Florida

swim-mpg.jpg - 4425 Bytes
Play dolphin mpg movie
dolphin swimming
SeaWorld, Florida

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Commerson.jpg - 4685 Bytes
Commerson's dolphin - one of the smallest in the dolphin family.


These are the flippers of the Dolphin ...the flippers are used for steering as they swim.The flippers contain bones, like those we have in our hands. Dolphins are warm blooded mammels that live in water. The dolphin is related to the whale.  Both the dolphin and whales have blowholes located near the top of their head. They have to come to the surface of the water for air.

One of the younger dolphins taught "me" how to play fetch! When he brought me the fish, I thought this meant he was not hungry. It didn't take me too long to figure out... the dolphin started tossing of his head back... he wanted me to toss it into the water for him. This game went one until one of the seagulls put an end to the game by snatching the fish up before the dolphin was able to get to it.

It was fun watching, interacting, and feeding the dolphins at Seaworld, Florida. But... one of the biggest thrills during our trip to Florida was to see dolphins actually swimming in the ocean. While on the beach looking for shells, we looked up to see 2 dolphins swimming... no more than 10 feet away from us, right off the shores at Sanibel Island!

Male: Bull    Female: Cow    Baby: Calf

MomBaby6.jpg - 32725 Bytes

MomBaby2.jpg - 22620 Bytes

xMomBaby5.jpg - 22576 Bytes

Mom and Baby Dolphin


Dolphin-Porpose.gif - 22315 Bytes
Dolphin (left)... family Delphinidae. Pointed snout, a curved dorsal fin and cone shaped teeth. Porpoise (right)... family Phocoenidae. Rounded snout, a triangular fin and spade shaped teeth.


swim.jpg - 7494 Bytes


DolphinDance.jpg - 9849 Bytes
Dolphin Dance

DolphinTail.jpg - 11836 Bytes


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Whale Pictures
orca.jpg - 4250 Bytes         beluga.jpg - 3885 Bytes
Orca the Killer Whale (left) - Beluga Whale (right)
Watch a Beluga Whale Swim MPG Movie
Whale Watching - Pacific Ocean - California Gray Whale

GrayWhale.jpg - 34078 Bytes

WhaleTail.jpg - 23455 Bytes

brush.gif - 1325 Bytes
Learn to Draw a Dolphin

flashcards.gif - 1832 Bytes FlashCards Dolphin - Whale

craybull.gif - 998 Bytes ColorBook Dolphin | Dolphin 2 | Dolphin 3 | Dolphin 4

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Free Personalized Dolphin Storybook

Dolphin Personalized Stationery and Matching Envelope

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Our favorite Dolphin Desktop Wallpaper

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