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Animal Scoop - Red Panda ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Red Panda

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Red Panda


Answer Photo

The Red Panda has a false thumb which helps them grasp objects and has partially retractable claws, both helping them to be very good climbers. Most of our visits to the Zoos, we found the Red Panda to be resting up in the trees... so next time you visit your local zoo... and their Red Panda's housing area has trees... remember to look up!

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The big question is... is the Red Panda related to the Giant Panda... or the Raccoon... or... both? Red Pandas are Nocturnal like the raccoon. Like the Giant Panda, they both have a false thumb and eat bamboo. The size of the Red Panda, is similar to the Raccoon, and the ringed tail makes you think he is part of the raccoon family. The Red Panda's paws look more like that of a Giant Panda, and look nothing like the toes of the Raccoon. But... then again.. he does have the color of the Red Fox, and his ears are more pointed like that of a Red Fox... personally, we think the Red Panda is a unique animal belonging to it's own special family in the world of animals.
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Red Panda


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Male: Male    Female: Female    Baby: Cub

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