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Animal Scoop - Elephants - African - Asian ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Elephants - African - Asian

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Toes    Answer Photo

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Victoria, from the Atlanta Zoo shows you the bottom of her foot.
These are the toes of the Elephant. The African Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth. The African Elephant (pictured above) differs from the Asian Elephant (pictured below) in having larger ears and tusks. Both the boy and girl African Elephant have ivory tusks. The Asian Elephant, usually only the male has tusks. Sometimes you will see a female with very small tusks.

NEWSFLASH: Elephants have been divided into two species—Asian and African... DNA tests show that the the African Elephant are actually two different species... Forest elephants comprise around one-third of that number, living in the equatorial forests of central and western Africa. The savanna or bush elephant is found throughout the grassy plains and bushland of the continent.

Forest elephants are smaller and have straighter and thinner tusks (pinkish ivory color), rounded ears, and a distinct skull shape. Information from National Geographic.

Due to the demand for ivory, and the loss of habitat from human development there has been a huge decline in elephant population.

The elephant is a herbivores (plant eater) mammal, eating roots, grasses, leaves, fruit, and bark.

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One way an elephant cools off is by tossing dirt over his body to help keep the sun's heat from burning their skin. Watch a MPG Movie of an elephant doing this.

asian-elephant.jpg - 12674 Bytes
Asian Elephant - Ganesh (baby) from Cincinnati Zoo

Amali-mom.jpg - 12098 Bytes

African Elephant - Amali (baby) from Indianapolis Zoo

See the Elephants side by side... to learn which elephant is which.

Watch Amali MPG Movie 1 - play with trunk | Movie 2 - walk

tToledoBaby.jpg - 12450 Bytes
Baby Boy born at Toledo Zoo
Click to see larger photo... set it as your Desktop Wallpaper

Male: bull     Female: cow     Baby: calf

Elephants learn tricks??? To entertain us??? a way, as you can see by these photos below... to entertain us... but more importantly, the elephants are taught "tricks" to help us make sure they are in good health. They are taught the trick... Open Your Mouth... so the Elephant's Keeper can look into an elephant's mouth to make sure the elephant's teeth are growing correctly.

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Victoria giving the crowd a bath.

painting.jpg - 8567 Bytes        painting-elephant.jpg - 8260 Bytes
Watch as the Elephant from Toledo Zoo paints this picture ... MPG Movie
Cleveland Zoo Elephant plays with stick... big stick... MPG Movie

Tampa.jpg - 27323 Bytes

AfterTheBath.jpg - 36556 Bytes
These guys came from Africa to Lowry Zoo, Florida.

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MORE Elephant Photos


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Learn to Draw an Elephant - Elephant 1 - Elephant 2
Elephant 3 - Elephant 4

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Elephant Personalized Stationery and Matching Envelope


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