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Animal Scoop - Frog ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari

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Frogs & Toads


Answer Photo

The tree frog has adhesive pads on the toes that act like small suction cups. This allows them to climb vertical surfaces like trees. Frogs like to eat small insects.

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Can you find the frogs?
Often times it is hard to see a frog... they seem to look like the things around them. This is known as camouflage. This helps to protect the frogs from those who would harm them... eat them for dinner.


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The Baby Frog Grows - The Life Cycle
Print a Copy of the Frogs Circle of Life

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The Mommy Frog lays her eggs. We found lots of frog eggs in our garden pond. An average of 4000 eggs are laid by one Mom.

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After about 10 days the eggs hatch and the lil' pollywogs (aka tadpoles)... with little tails start to swim around. The Pollywog's begin to look for food. They swim like a fish, they even have gills to use for breathing. They feel like jello... or jelly.

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The Pollywog's continue to grow... their tail helps him to swim through the water. We see them as they come to the surface of the water for air and food. Their color changes and they begin to take the look of an adult frog.

We don't see as many pollywogs in the pond as we first did... some have not survived, either because they were not strong enough to find food... or they became dinner to the birds that would sit and wait for them to come to the surface for air. The birds would swoop down and catch the pollywogs.

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The back legs start to form (this took about 8 weeks), and you can see the start of the front legs beginning to grow (it took about 11 weeks for the front legs to grow). The tail begins to get shorter... and shorter... and shorter...

pollywag-babyfrog.jpg - 9551 Bytes

...then viola... like magic... we have a baby frog! This lil' guy is less than an inch long! He came from the garden pond to my computer room's window.



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Check out our pet Red Eyed Tree Frog's Desktop Wallpaper
Red Eyed Tree Frog's Screen Saver
Visit our Red Eyed Tree Frog's Webpage
Red Eyed Tree Frog Jigsaw Puzzles
Painted Mantella Wallpaper
Yes, they are members of our family!


Learn to Draw Frogs
brush.gif - 1325 Bytes
Learn to Draw a Frog - Frog 1 - Frog 2

camera.gif - 1037 Bytes Frog & Toad Photo Collection     flashcards.gif - 1832 Bytes FlashCard

Play the Tic Tac Toe Frog Game

Play Leap Frog... jump jump jump try to leave only one.

Rib-Bit... froggy PaperDoll Desktop Critter!

Frog Personalized Stationery and Matching Envelope

Download our FREE Animated Froggy Cursor


Printable Sheets

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Color Page

tfrog.gif - 3969 Bytes
Color Page

tfroggy.gif - 2605 Bytes
Color Page

tcolor-sheet.gif - 2486 Bytes
Life Cycle

tpaperdolls.gif - 6762 Bytes
Paper Doll

tdraw1.gif - 3977 Bytes

tdraw2.gif - 2514 Bytes
Grid Art

tdraw3.gif - 2441 Bytes
Grid Art

tfrog.gif - 4007 Bytes
Word Search

tfrog.gif - 4007 Bytes
Word Search

tfrog.gif - 4007 Bytes
Word Search

tfrog.gif - 3300 Bytes

tfrog.gif - 2084 Bytes

ttictactoe.gif - 3492 Bytes

tstationery1.gif - 1977 Bytes

tstationery2.gif - 2932 Bytes

tstationery3.gif - 2459 Bytes

tenvelope.gif - 2213 Bytes

tbookmark.gif - 3027 Bytes
Book Mark

tGridArtFroggy.gif - 3142 Bytes
Grid Art

tmemorygame.gif - 10109 Bytes
Memory Game

tdoortag.gif - 2685 Bytes
Door Tag

tdot2dot.gif - 2431 Bytes
Dot to Dot

tboxdotgame1.gif - 3864 Bytes
Box Game

ttinytile1.gif - 3468 Bytes
Tiny Book

ttinytitle2.gif - 2622 Bytes
Tiny Book

tdiff.gif - 3204 Bytes

ttraceColorFrog.gif - 2118 Bytes
Trace Color

t21.gif - 1801 Bytes
Draw Half

tfan.gif - 3442 Bytes
Make A Fan

tImage24.gif - 2972 Bytes

tfroggy.gif - 2497 Bytes

tImage73.gif - 2311 Bytes


See our Animal Desktop Wallpaper Photos
for more pictures of frogs


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