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Tiger ... A Photo Safari
Tigers - Bengal (also white tigers) - Indochinese - Siberian - South China - Sumatran
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari

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The Siberian Tiger is the largest and most magnificent member of the cat family. The paws have soft pads, and long, sharp, retractile claws. The soft pads allow tigers to quietly stalk their prey.

Only five out of the eight subspecies of the Tiger remain in the world today.
Bengal (also white tigers), Indochinese, Siberian, South China & Sumatran. The Caspian tiger (extinct about 1970s), Javan tiger (extinct 1980s) and the Bali tiger (extinct about 1940s).

SiberianTiger.jpg - 9635 Bytes
Siberian Tiger
Toledo Zoo
Indo-Chinese tiger.jpg - 8665 Bytes
Indo-Chinese Tiger
Cincinnati Zoo
SumatranTiger.jpg - 9648 Bytes
Sumatran Tiger
Atlanta Zoo

white-BengalTiger.jpg - 8657 Bytes
Bengal Tiger (White)
Cincinnati Zoo
orange-BengalTiger.jpg - 10455 Bytes
Bengal Tiger (Orange)
BlackPine AnimalPark

Female tigers are the primary care giver to the baby cubs. But... you may see a male encourage cubs to eat from the his kill while he waits to take his turn at eating when they are finished. In just 6 months, a baby cub may reach the weight of 200 pounds.
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Watch baby cubs MPG Movie

Male: tiger     Female: tigress     Baby: cub

tiger-family.jpg - 16586 Bytes
Momma Indo-Chinese Tiger with her baby cubs.

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Siberian Tigers playing in water at Cleveland Zoo

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Do you know another animal that has paws like a Tiger?

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