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Animal Scoop - Lizard ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari

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Toes    Answer Photo

This large lizard uses it's claws to move and to climb. The Komodo dragon (pictured below with baby) is one of the world’s largest lizards. An adult can reach the length of 10 feet and a weight of 250 pounds.

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Many reptiles (alligators & lizards) carry their babies on their backs. Can you see both the mommy and baby Komodo dragon in this photo?

Veiled Chameleon
Dsc02820.jpg - 6750 Bytes DSC02827.jpg - 7474 Bytes Dsc02837.jpg - 7242 Bytes
hands (left) - face (middle) - tail (right)

movie.gif - 1853 Bytes Watch a MPG movie of the Chameleon's eyes - Chameleon eat.

The Chameleon's feet are like pincers... this way they are able to grasp the tree's limbs for easy climbing. This lizard can rotate his eyes around at different angles... they can move one eye in one direction and the other eye in a different direction. Their tail curls... and their tongue is very long, up to twice as long as their body... they use it to catch their food. Sluuurrrrppp... gotcha! Their skin changes in response to temperature, light, and mood.

Dsc03240.jpg - 8309 Bytes lil.jpg - 6551 Bytes
Juvenile Veiled Chameleon


Dsc03065.jpg - 10273 Bytes Dsc02607.jpg - 9631 Bytes foot.jpg - 6412 Bytes
Our Geckos... Day Gecko (left) - Fan-Fingered Gecko (middle)
Fan-Fingered Gecko's Foot (right)

Most Geckos enjoyed being watched... but not handled. The Day Gecko likes more of a rain forest habitat... whereas the Fan-Fingered Gecko enjoys a dryer climate. Both like to slurp their tongue! Too Cute!!!

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Turtles & Tortoises 245 total known species
Tratara 2 species
Crocodile, Alligators and Gharial 22 total known species
Snakes and Lizards - 6280 total known species
140 Worm Lizards, 3751 Lizards, 2389 Snakes


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Learn to Draw a Lizard

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TheLivingFossil-Tuatara-closeup.jpg - 14696 Bytes
The Living Fossil

The tuatara has virtually remained the same for over 140 million years. The tuatara is part of the family Rhynchocephalia Rhyncho=beak cephalia=head Beakheads appeared over 220 million years ago. All, except for the tuatara, became extinct about 60 million years ago.

Note: The Tuatara is not a lizard, but it is a reptile. Photo taken at Toledo Zoo


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