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Animal Scoop - Koala ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari

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Answer Photo

Mundooie.jpg - 19345 Bytes
Mundooie at 9 months from Toledo Zoo.

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The Koala spends most of their time sleeping.
Koala eating MPG Movie
These are the hands of the Koala On the front paw, you will find 3 fingers and 2 thumbs. The back paws have 4 toes (2 of the toes are actually fused together) and one larger toe. All have large claws, except for the large toe on the hind paws. This allows the koala to have a better grip for climbing.

koala-toes.jpg - 16074 Bytes

Watch theKoala use his toes to walk... MPG Movie

A Mother Koala carries it's young in a pouch found on the belly. This is called a marsupial animal... animals that carry their young in a pouch... this is one reason why the Koala is not considered to be a bear. The koala is related to the kangaroo and the wombat... and is not related to the bear family.

front.jpg - 5208 Bytes back.jpg - 5069 Bytes
Front Paw (left) - Back Paw (right)

Do you know other animals that carry their babies in a pouch?

Male: male    Female: female    Baby: joey

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The Eucalyptus trees are both food and homes for the koalas... because there is very little nutritional value in the leaves of the eucalyptus, Koalas will spend most of their time sleeping. The Koala is a nocturnal animals. This means that they sleep in the daytime, and move around and feed at night. Orana, pictured here is from the Toledo Zoo.

Do you know another animal that is nocturnal? ANSWER

koala-baby.jpg - 12117 Bytes Koala baby, Mundooie (Mun-dewie) born at Toledo Zoo July 12, 2000. The koala baby is about the size of a nickel when born. The baby crawls into the mother's pouch where they live hidden from view for about 6 months. The baby feeds and grows while in the pouch. You can see the baby riding on it's mom's back (picture on the left).

Below, you can see the baby in the pouch nursing (drawings from Toledo Zoo). After the baby is out of the pouch, they will eat their main diet of eucalyptus leaves... sometimes they will stick their head into the pouch to drink the mother's milk. Middle photo is Mundooie at the age of seven months.

in-pouch1.jpg - 4471 Bytes baby.jpg - 11501 Bytes in-pouch.jpg - 5373 Bytes
Mundooie at 7 months

FemaleToledo.jpg - 9800 Bytes Mar02.jpg - 16128 Bytes MaleToledo.jpg - 11026 Bytes
Toledo Zoo's Koalas - Orana (female - left & middle photo) and Bunari (male - right)
(on loan from San Diego Zoo).

babyphoto.jpg - 7267 Bytes
Photo from Cleveland Zoo showing a baby Koala still in Mom's pouch.

AlkooJuly02-1.jpg - 14367 Bytes AlkooJuly02-3.jpg - 12673 Bytes AlkooJuly02-2.jpg - 13075 Bytes
Alkoo... Baby from Toledo Zoo - July 2002 (one year old) and Mom - Orana

t-BunariJuly02.jpg - 13733 Bytes t-AlkooJuly02.jpg - 22999 Bytes
Click to see larger photo of Bunari (left) and Alkoo (right)

Watch MPG Movie of Bunari walking on floor...
Alkoo walking in tree.

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Learn to Draw a Koala

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