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Animal Scoop - Macaw Parrot - Blue & Gold and Greenwing Macaw ... A Photo Safari
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Students may use photos of animals for their class projects.

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Animal Scoop... A Photo Safari
Macaw Parrot - Blue & Gold and Greenwing Macaw

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Mylo... our Macaw... is a Blue & Gold Macaw. [Hatch Date: February 5, 2001] He will get about 34 to 36 inches long. Macaw's wingspan can reach 45 inches in length when fully stretched out. Macaws can live up to 80 years... or more.

The Blue & Gold Macaw originally came from the rain forest area of South America. Many birds were illegally taken from their habitat area... and sold to pet shops. Many Macaws (and other birds) lost their lives. Since 1992 the government began regulating the importation of exotic birds.

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One Month - One & Half Month - 2 1/2 Month of Age

We bought Mylo from Pets N Things in Saline, Michigan. Their baby birds are hand fed... we could not bring Mylo home until he was weaned. Mylo was 5 months old when we got to bring him home. While at the pet shop, we would visit Mylo often so we could bond with each other. Pets N Things take great care of their birds and other animals. More of Mylo's baby pictures.
movie.gif - 1853 Bytes Watch a MPG movie of Mylo being hand fed.

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This is how a parrot holds their food. They use their 4 toes to wrap around what they are eating. Their powerful beak can crack that almond's shell.

Our Honey... a Greenwing Macaw
Hatch Date: January 21, 2001

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Click on the smaller pictures to see the larger pictures.

Honey came from a very caring breeder from Texas... Lisa... she arrived here on an airplane. Everything is new to her... she seems to be adjusting very well. Honey is a Sweetheart! She is also a nut... she loves to hang from her cage by ONE toe nail! She cuddles... you can hold her in your arms just like a baby! She loves to be rocked... and sang to!

The Greenwing Macaws are the second largest macaw... the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest. See more photos of the different Macaws and other parrots.

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Mylo (on the left), Honey (on the right) and Loraine in the middle.


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Bongo... our African Grey Parrot
Click to visit his page

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Sunset... our Senegal Parrot
Click to see larger picture.



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Mylo's Desktop Wallpaper

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Mylo's Desktop Wallpaper

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