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Animal Links

  • Animaland Fun Animal Facts!
  • Beautiful photos and lots of information.
  • Aniamls of the Rainforest
  • Defenders of Wildlife... Kid's Planet wild games, animal facts, colorbook pages, animal sounds... a really cool place!
  • Zoo in the Wild features Animals of Africa. (In English and Italian.) Photos and animal information.
  • Bagheera about our endangered animals!
  • Kid's Corner ...endangered animal coloring book pages to print and some you can even color online!
  • ZooWeb ... links to zoos and information... listing for internet ZooCams too!
  • ZooNet Photos, Animal Links, Endangered Species at Zoos.
  • The Electronic Zoo ...a wide varity of information, including Pet Care!
  • ...great animal photos, wallpaper and free screen savers! So if you need more animal shots... visit this site!
  • Kratt's Creatures ... from PBS
  • Animals of the World ...from KidsCom
  • Owl Kids Online ... looks like a fun site to me!
  • Kip & Company ...learn about Australian Wildlife! Print and color some really cute pages!
  • Endangered ... from the The American Museum of Natural History.
  • The Wild OnesThe drawings of animals from kids I found to be very special. Great source of lesson plans teachers. (English & Spanish)
  • Sounds of the World's Animals ...also how to say these sounds in different languages!
  • WildLife Web, and great internet resources, including animal sound links!
  • AZA American Zoo and Aquarium Association ...great Zoo listings!
  • Born Free ...from the author of Born Free Wonderful information about Wildlife animals, and feelings about the captivity of any animal. Great Links and Information.

    Cam Sites

     Panda Cam
    Watch the Baby Panda!
     National Zoo Cams
    Many cams here, including their Baby Tigers!
     Atlanta PandaCams

    Koala Cam
     Fur Seals
     Jelly Fish
     Guinea Pig
     Butterfly Cam
     Eagle Cam
     Bird FeederCam
     Shark Cam
     Montréal Cam
     Rhino Cam
     Salmon IncubationCam
     Minnesota Zoo Tigers
     Giraffe Cam
     Rainforest Cam


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