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This project requires the help of a responsible adult!
Working with HOT materials, and Scissors!

Billy Bear's Animal Stickers

Supplies Needed...

Recipe for Sticker Glue ...

  • 4 T vinegar
  • 2 packets of unflavored gelatin
  • 1/2 T peppermint extract or flavor or your choice
Put the vinegar in a small cooking pan and bring to boil. Turn the stove to low heat. Open and pour in the packets of gelatin to the hot vinegar. Mix until the gelatin is dissolved. Then add your favorite flavor... we like peppermint!

When you are finished using the sticker glue, you can store the remainder in a tightly sealed jar for future use. When you want to use the glue again, you can place the jar in a pan with hot water.

Let's make Stickers...

  • Print out the sheets of Animal Stickers
  • Make your Sticker Glue
  • Take the printed animal stickers and lay them on the table (or counter) upside down (so that the good side faces down). Then take an old Paint Brush and dip it into the sticker glue. Brush the glue over the entire surface (use sparingly) of your animal stickers. Let the paper dry. Your paper may curl, but don't worry... it will straighten out when it is dry.
  • After the paper is dry, then cut out the stickers.
  • Lick the stickers with your tongue to moisten, or you can use a damp sponge... then place the stickers where you want them.

Suggestions for use...

  • Have Fun with them!
  • Add them to colorbooks
  • Create Greeting Cards
  • Create Stationery
  • Put them on your envelopes
  • Use them for rewards
  • Use them to teach your children about Animals
    • Place a few stickers on a sheet of paper before going to the zoo. As the child(ren) sees the animals at the zoo, they can use a pencil (or marker) and put a check mark next to the picture of the animal.
    • Place a few stickers on a sheet of paper. Travel the internet... visit web pages that talk about the different animals then have them check the animals they have learned about.
    • Use Index Cards, parents write down the name (or sound an animal makes) on the card... then have your child(ren) put the matching sticker on the card.
  • Have your child(ren) place a sticker on an index card (or piece of paper)...
    • then draw their own picture of the animal
    • tell a story about or using that animal
    • list information about that animal


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