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Our Family's Dogs

Grizzly Bean and Peachy Bear
Pomeranians are very small dogs... weighing an average 3 to 7 pounds. They love their attention... and fill your life full of kisses! Grizzly, on the left is 2 months old. Peachy, on the right is 3 months old.

Dotty the Dalmation
Dotty belongs to Sonja, but she is visiting us for awhile. Dotty came to live with us because she does not like small children, her previous owners had 3 children. Dotty has to have her attention, and we find her to be rather high-strung. It seems that Dalmations are territorial (meaning, if it's thiers... don't touch it!). She does not like anyone to be near her sleeping area! I would not recommend this breed to anyone with children.

Star our Border Collie Mix
Either Star likes you... or she does not. She acts like the Mommy to all of our animals. She does not like Tosha ... or Dotty! She is best buddies with Butch and Tanner! Star was taken from her previous owner by Protective Animal services for being mean to her.

Tosha & Tanner our Shelties
Shelties like to bark! Tanner barks at everything... including clothes-pins on the clothes-line. He thinks they are birds! Tosha is great with children... she likes to play dress up! (We have a photo of Tosha that we made in to DeskTop WallPaper for your computer... scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Butch our Benji Wanna Be
The picture on the left is of Butch before his hair cut... the one on the right is after his hair cut! Isn't he pretty!! You can visit his Dog Groomer - Blue La' Groom webpage! Lisa has fun information on animals too! Butch is nearly 16 years old... that's 112 years old in doggy years!

Jason & Joyce's Buster
UPDATE: Jason finally came to pick up his puppy, so Buster is no longer with us!!! (but we are still waiting for him to get his cat!) He is a German Shepard/Rottweiler mix. He had the longest tounge I have ever seen! Sometimes I think he is going to trip on it when he runs around his pen! He is NOT a dog to have if you raise birds!

Taking Care of our Dogs

Our dogs love their Purena Dog food! Buster would eat all day if we would let him. When Buster is finished eating, his bowl becomes his toy! He plays with it just like a ball! We go through 50 pounds of dog food every week! Fresh water is given to each of them every day, sometimes more than once a day.

Each have their own pen and house. Their pens are cleaned 3 to 4 times a week. For excercise we let them out to run... because of the birds that live here, we have to keep some on leads for their run. Remember what we said about Buster... he has ate 3 of our chickens so far! Tosha and Butch live in the house with us.

Puppy DeskTop WallPaper
Click on the photo you like, it will take you to a larger photo - 640X480. If you'd like to use the larger photo for your desktop wallpaper... PC users, right click with your mouse, a little screen will pop up... click on SET AS WALLPAPER.

    NAME: dog
    BABY: puppy
      English: bow wow, arf, woof, ruff ruff
      German: wau wau
      Spanish (Spain): guau guau
      French: ouah ouah
Dog Fancy Online... a great source for puppies and dogs!


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