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Hummers at my Window humming_bird-a.gif - 2243 Bytes
hummer-female.jpg - 4299 Bytes   hummer-male.jpg - 4096 Bytes
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Female (left) Male (right)


humming_bird.gif - 1115 BytesIt appears that the hummingbirds have returned again this year. We put up several hummingbird feeders... including 3 near my computer room window. The containers we found are clear, some are glass... some are plastic. We even found little feeders that we can place in our flower bed.

flowers.gif - 3267 Bytes Food Mix - 1/4 cup sugar & 1 cup hot water... mix until sugar is desolved, and allow to cool before adding it to your containers. Do NOT add red food coloring... it is NOT needed, and from studies, it is NOT good for them. If you need larger batches... mix 1 part surgar with 4 parts water. Store remaining mixture in the fridge until needed. We also put out several flowers because hummingbirds, and butterflies like natural nector.

feeder.gif - 1887 Bytes Wallpaper - I'll keep a posting of this years Hummingbird wallpaper... you can also view and use our wallpaper from last year.

FREE Hummingbird Screen Saver

humming_bird2.gif - 1332 Bytes Cursors - You can find our left or right handed Animated Hummingbird Cursor in our desktop cursor area.

Hummingbird WebPage Theme Set

Printables - Colorbook page (use the Butterfly Craft Ideas to create Hummingbird Mobile, Window Decor or Planter Stick). Print and Create Hummingbird Bookmarks.

Door Knob Tag - Hang a Hummer from your Door!

Online Games - Hummingbird...
Jigsaw Puzzles - Online & Downloads
Jigsaw Puzzle... print, cutout & play
Feed the Hummingbird Maze
Tic Tac Toe 3 Hummers in a Row
Slider Puzzle


window1.jpg - 4677 Bytes

window2.jpg - 4066 Bytes

window3.jpg - 4890 Bytes

window4.jpg - 4425 Bytes

window5.jpg - 4387 Bytes

Click here to watch
MPG Hummer Movie
Hummer Movie II

t-spider-fate.jpg - 5431 Bytes
One of the Hummer's Enemies


Woooo... what was that?
...that wasn't a Hummer!!!

Mom Hummer Nesting... & Babies!


Hummingbird Links

Find out more about
the Hummingbirds from Yahooligans
A Kid Safe Search Engine


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