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Clean up the Farm Yard
Pretty please with Sugar on the Top... will you help me do my chores!?!
JavaApplet browser required to play!

Watch where you walk... you don't want to get any poop on your mouse!

Click on the object you want to move with your mouse, then hold your mouse button down until you reach the area where you want the object to be placed. Please help us out by picking up the lil' piles of poop and placing them in the trash... Thank You! This Applet works slow on Netscape.

Colors appear dithered on Netscape 3, look nice on Netscape 4. Game plays better and smoother on IE 3 or higher. Tested on PC, but not MAC

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If you'd like, you can place this on your web site so everyone will
know what you did today! A link back so other's can play too
would be great!

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