The Aniaml Scoop pages are just for fun... we take caring for Pets very serious. There are too many homeless pets in the world and we want you to take "steps" in preventing this nation wide problem... so before you get a pet, here are a few things you should think about...

Think about WHY you want an animal...

    Sit down and make a list. Write down 10 reasons why you want a pet. Then write down 10 reasons you should not get a pet. Next, discuss this list with ALL of the members of your family.

    Before making the list, read the information below.

How much space do you have?

    Where do you live? Do you live in a "small" apartment? ...or a really "large" home? Do you live in the city? ... or in the country?

    It would not be very "cozy" for you or the pet if you wanted a giraffe ...and you lived in a two bedroom apartment. Did you know that if you wanted a "giraffe" you could adopt one? Contact a zoo... many make adopting an animal easy and fun! ...but it can be very expensive!

What kind of exercise is needed for your pet?

    If you want a dog... do you have a place where you can take your dog for a walk? Dogs require alot of walks... every single day! ...several times a day!

    Even tiny animals like hamsters need exercise... a habbit trail, or a wheel is great fun for them! A fish needs plenty of room in their tank so they can swim around.

Where will your pet live?

    You live in a house, it protects you from the weather, gives you a place to eat and sleep, and even a place to play. Animals need this too! Think about the animal you want... Do you have a little space for a hamster, a bird or a few fish? Or do you live on a farm and have room to build a big barn ...then maybe, you could even have a horse, or how about a pet cow?

How will you care for your pet?

    Now remember this is YOUR pet... it will be up to you to take care of it. Will your be able to feed you pet... every day? This can take alot of money.

      On an average, to feed one cat:
        Food - can food 35c a can X 7 days = $2.40
        hard food $1.50 (should last you one week) =$1.50
        cat liter $2.00 (1 bag should last you one week) = $2.00
        it would cost you at least $5.90 a week to care for a cat.

        ...then there are pet toys, and doctor bills to think about too.

What animal is Best for you?

    After you have thought all of these things over, and have read the information from the links we've suggested... then you can ask yourself... WHAT ANIMAL IS BEST FOR YOU!

    We did not make this page to discourage you from getting a pet... Pets make wonderful "friends!" But we really want you to "think" about what it takes to keep a "friend!" They, like you... need love! Love doesn't mean "only" cuddle and kisses, it means taking care of your new found "friend."

    Pet's that are GREAT for the CITY...