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Animal Playing Cards
to Print, Cut & Play

Print out the cards... Cut each one out carefully (lil' ones need help with this part)... then play a card game. We like to play "Slap the Monkey" ...but you can play any game you like with these cards! You can even create your own games to play. Use the cards to learn how to count... or learn the names of the animals. What ever you decide... have fun! ...and remember it's great to be a GOOD SPORT!

    Tiger Set 1-10
    Giraffe Set 1-10
    Snake Set 1-10
    Koala Set 1-10
    Lion Set 1-10
    Horse-Set 1-10
    Buffalo Set 1-10
    Lizard Set 1-10
    Monkey Set 1-10
    Red Panda Set 1-10

Print the cards by clicking on FILE (usually located in the upper left hand corner of your browser's screen), then select PRINT. For playing cards, it is better to print them on heavier paper.

Free to print for your own personal use. Not to be included on another website, or used for profit in any form.


Contents & Photos Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer