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Felt Flannel Travel Storyboard - Story Board

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Felt Story Board - Great for Traveling

Items Needed...

    2 Canvas Boards - or 2 Heavy Pieces Cardboard
    Cotton Fabric
    Duct Tape
    Spray Glue
    Hot Glue

step1.gif - 1386 Bytes
Take 2 boards the size you want to work with.

step3.gif - 1722 Bytes
Lay the boards down... wrong side up.

step4.gif - 1820 Bytes
Lay a piece of flannel over the boards. Leave about 2 inches of extra length.

step5.gif - 2262 Bytes
Once you've cut the edges... I like to use (optional) a spray glue to keep the flannel in place.

step6.gif - 2324 Bytes
Fold over the top edge onto the boards. Use the duct tape to tape down.

step7.gif - 2413 Bytes
Fold the sides over.

step8.gif - 2748 Bytes
Place the the ribbon... cut about 10 inches long... down on each side. Glue one of the ends to the board to secure in place.

step9.gif - 2963 Bytes
Use the duct tape to tape down the sides.

step10.gif - 2887 Bytes
Fold the bottom edge... and tape.

step11.gif - 2214 Bytes
Cut the piece of cotton materia about 1" larger than the boards.

step12.gif - 1999 Bytes
Use the spray glue to hold cotton fabric in place. Tuck the cotton material under. Put it between the fabrics... not the outside area of felt board. Glue so the fold stays in place... let dry.

step13.gif - 2466 Bytes
Once dry... stitch the two sides together... the felt side and the cotton fabric side. This gives the board a nice finished look... and keeps the board stronger.

step14.gif - 2062 Bytes
You can now fold the board in half. Use the ties to tie a bow to hold them together. Put the felt pieces inside the board.

step15.gif - 2216 Bytes
When you have arrived where you will tell the story.... unfold and set on table. This gives you a nice self standing story board.



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