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Felt Flannel Storyboards - Story Boards

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Felt Storyboards

Items Needed...
    Canvas Board - or - thick cardboard
    Duct Tape


I like to use canvas board... it is nice and thick... and comes in different sizes. Purchase the size canvas board (in art/painting section, near the canvas for oil painting on) you would like to use... and a piece of light color flannel (enough to cover the canvas board).

Wash and dry the flannel... iron. This will take out all the wrinkles and fold seams.

step1.gif - 3035 Bytes
Cut the flannel larger than the canvas board (about 2 inches).

This is where I like to spray a coat of glue over the board to help keep the flannel in place. Once sprayed... I carefully lay the board ... face down... on the flannel.

step2.gif - 2129 Bytes
Layout on flat surface. The back side of the canvas board should be showing.

step3.gif - 2382 Bytes
Fold over the top on to the back of the canvas board.

step4.gif - 2776 Bytes
Use the duct tape... tape down. You can buy duct tape in all different colors. Pretty pretty!!!

step5.gif - 3697 Bytes
Fold and tape down each side. I like to add a bit of glue to the corners to help hold them in place.

step6.gif - 1949 Bytes
When you use canvas boards... they come in standard sizes... so you can also buy standard frames. I like mine without a frame.

Now it is time to cut out characters and objects to use for your storyboard. You can use felt, and interfacing(Pellon). Interfacing is great for drawing your own picture. Use permanent markers and/or acrylic paint.

  • For photos, or drawings... glue some lightweight sandpaper on the back. The sandpaper will stick to the flannel/felt board.

    Cut out Shapes... Colors (Ice Cream)... ABCs.... Numbers... Bible Stories... TicTacToe game... Paperdolls - Clothes... animals... bugs (Butterfly - Counting Dots LadyBug)... foods (Pizza)... weather (Snowman)... puzzles... Streets and Cars...
    oh gosh... lots and lots!

    Storybook Characters - Georgie Porgie - Hey Diddle Diddle


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    Travel Story Board Instructions

  • For patterns, print on card stock paper to use for patterns.
  • Use stencils to outline characters to use for your story board.
  • Outline with markers... or paint. Add glitter, and puff paint too.
  • Lay the interfacing over a picture... use a marker to outline.
  • Use a light color flannel for your background.


    Boards similar to these above are used to create the movies and cartoons we watch. Use our storyboards to sketching... to write... to create your own stories... use your imagine... make us a movie we'd all like to see!




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