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Rozi - Axtell Chimpanzee Puppet
Shawn... our adopted Chimp from Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation Inc in Florida

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AxtellsChimpPuppet2.jpg - 21127 Bytes
Rozi the Chimpanzee
Rozi Pandu is her given African name.
ROZI (ROH-zee) flower, rose - PANDU (PAHN-doo) artistic
Rozi is our Axtell Chimpanzee Puppet...
sometimes she sits in my basket holding my camera lenses.

Stuffed Animal Toys make the BEST pets!
Rozi makes our trips fun! Here are some of her adventures...


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Rozi adopts a chimp!

Shawn.jpg - 18266 Bytes
Meet... Shawn from the in Florida.
Shawn loves to paint... it is part of her enrichment activities.

Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation Inc takes in homeless chimpanzees who need a good home to live out the remainder of their lives. You can find other chimps there... like...

Buy Chimpanzee merchandise from photos we've taken at Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation Inc
ALL proceeds will go to the Nature Park.

Cheetah (Mike) was one of the first chimps featured in the TARZAN movies in the early 1930s. Cheetah is about 74 years old.

tKongo.jpg - 8438 Bytes
Kongo is being checked to see if he is the oldest living chimp with birth papers of his age. 02/28/1948

Johnny says Ma ma! He doesn't call everyone momma, I noticed he calls this out to those who care for him.

*Photos of Shawn (above), Johnny and Otto are from the Sanctuary's site.

Johnny.jpg - 3078 Bytes

NatureFlower.jpg - 7711 Bytes
Otto was the gorilla in the American Tourister Luggage commercial. He is about 30 years old. Having one working lung he is cared for by many who love and care for him. He struts his stuff knowing that HE is da man!

SPS-Otto.jpg - 6815 Bytes

You'll also find information on rescued, abandoned, x-pets, animal research labs... and others.

To adopt a "real" chimpanzee visit Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation Inc.

Baby Bob... so cute!     Shawn Painting     Shawn!

The Nature Park
Jigsaw Puzzles and Screen Saver

Download Suncoast Jigsaw Puzzles

Chimpanzee Wallpaper
...for your Computer's Desktop (background picture)

Printable Pages & Crafts for Shawn
Make Hawaiian Leis - Color Shawn - Color Butterfly - Game Page - Finish Me
Chimp in Grass - Draw Me - Girl Chimp - Boy Chimp - Garden Maze
Paper Doll Chimp - You Color PaperDoll - Clothes 1 - Clothes 2 - Grid Art - Chimp in the Garden - Chimp Necklace | Chimp Finger Puppet | Moneky Finger Puppet | Sun Visor | Chimp Mask

Door Knob Tags - Baby Bob 1 | Baby Bob 2 | Baby Bob 3 | Shawn | Rozi | Chimp U Color | Chimp U Color in the Garden

Tax Deductable Donation
This donation goes directly to Suncoast Primates


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Rozi's Shares Things to Think About

When taken from their mothers... Mom and baby do cry, just like humans do.

In the wild, mom chimps are killed so their babies can be taken.

When a chimp is being tickled... it laughs out loud... just like us!

  • They can bite. Without teeth it becomes hard for them to eat.
  • They become very strong. 7 times stronger than man.
  • They can become very ill. It is hard to find a vet for them.
  • They need a lot of attention... attention only their chimpanzee family can provide.
  • Chimpanzees are social creatures... they are happier when others are around them.
  • Their diet is important to keep them healthy.
  • They need a large area to grow... grow healthy and strong.
  • They can weigh up to 150-200 pounds and nearly 5 foot tall.
  • Chimps can live 40 to 45 years. (some are known to live much longer)

    Many "pet" chimpanzees end up in sanctuaries... sanctuaries need our help to provide for the chimps.

    Human primates (yes, you and I) are the chimpanzees closet relative. We share 98.4% of the same DNA. The next closet are the bonobo, gorilla and the orangutan. There are estimated to be less than 200,000 chimps left in Africa today. The numbers are decreasing every year... at fast rates.


    BillyBearRozi.gif - 17452 Bytes
    You too can keep watch on our Primate World at Zoos
    ...let's see if they are happy and healthy where they are.
    Animal Observation Worksheet
    Details     Research
    Ask Keepers Questions... learn all you can. What can you do to help the chimps? ... or other great Apes?

    Chimp Facial Expressions
    Pout - Full Open Grin - Compressed Lips - Pant Hoot - Grinning - Play Face
    Photos of Chimp's Expression

    Day Out with Rozi
    Yes... Rozi travels with us... she makes travel fun!
    Toledo Zoo's Visit - Oct 2004
    Busch Gardens, Florida - Jan 2005

    tKisses.jpg - 11250 Bytes

    Chimp Gets a Drink
    Chimp Claps
    Chimp Has an Itch
    Chimps Get Angry
    Tickle Mwanzi
    Chimps Walk ... Upright... Knuckle Walkers
    Chimp Rolling

    tMickey.gif - 12089 Bytes

    Rozi at DisneyWorld... in Orlando, Florida
    Disney Animal Kingdom Draw Rozi
    Chimps Feet and Hands
    Chimp Begging
    Chimps Nesting
    Chimps Running
    Chimps Mouth

    tTeak.jpg - 9370 Bytes

    Louisville Zoo... Male Orangutan Teak

    In the zoos... can you see how the chimps live in the wild?     No, not really. But... by watching the chimps in a zoo or sanctuary setting you can see many of the same traits of humans.


    We need enrichment too...    It's okay to "pretend"
    We like to dress Rozi up... she makes a great friend.

    tJungleDream.jpg - 4057 Bytes
    Play Jigsaw Puzzle

    tRoziBench.jpg - 4841 Bytes
    Play Jigsaw Puzzle
    tRoziGrasses.jpg - 5782 Bytes
    Play Jigsaw Puzzle
    tRoziOcean.jpg - 5336 Bytes
    Play Jigsaw Puzzle
    tRoziSandCastle.jpg - 5456 Bytes
    Play Jigsaw Puzzle

    MORE Jigsaw Puzzles with Rozi

    OnlinePuzzle of Shawn

    Download Chimp Jigsaw Puzzles & Suncoast Puzzles


    tchimp.jpg - 5362 Bytes
    Make a 9pc Jigsaw Puzzle
    Make a 12pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Tic Tac Toe

    Bling up the Hot Girls

    Monkey & Ape Coloring Book
    A Fun Coloring Software Program

    Dress Me Up Chimp
    It is fun to Pretend!

    Dress Up Princess Rozi
    I LOVE to play dress up!

    Chimpanzee PaperDoll


    Rozi is a Puppet... created by Axtell.
    To buy an Axtell Chimp... visit CHIMPS, INC.

    Visit Center for Great Apes to see how they've helped the Orangutans and Chimps
    The Primate Rescue Center now cares for Chimps due to a primate lab closing.




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