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Suncoast Primate Sanctuary's Nature Park - Jigsaw Puzzles & Screen Saver

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Suncoast Primate Sanctuary's Nature Park
48 Pc Jigsaw Puzzles... Click to Download

It was so relaxing to sit amoung the butterflies, flowers and plants!
I was able to take photos of 3 out of the 5 different butterflies
that visited the flowers near where I was sitting.

LineGarden.gif - 13618 Bytes

SuncoastPrimateNature17.jpg - 1469 Bytes
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SuncoastPrimateNature16.jpg - 3017 Bytes
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SuncoastPrimateNature3.jpg - 2035 Bytes
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SuncoastPrimateNature14.jpg - 1899 Bytes
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tbutterfly5.jpg - 11065 Bytes
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tbutterfly6.jpg - 11065 Bytes
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tbutterfly7.jpg - 9522 Bytes
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tflower2.jpg - 12204 Bytes
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tflower3.jpg - 12204 Bytes
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tflower4.jpg - 12204 Bytes
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tflower6.jpg - 12204 Bytes
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tflower.jpg - 12204 Bytes
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tflower5.jpg - 12204 Bytes
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tbutterfly4.jpg - 10153 Bytes
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tbutterfly8.jpg - 13979 Bytes
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Click to download the puzzle(s) you want. Save to your hard drive... remember where you saved them. Open the exe file to play the puzzle.

ScreenShot.jpg - 6619 Bytes

Nature Park Screen Saver
24 photos of the Nature Park... includes some of the photos above... and MORE. Click on the exe file... the screen saver will be installed. All donations for puzzles and screen saver should be made to Suncoast Primate Santcuary.

Download: SuncoastPrimateNaturePark.exe [about 7,050KB]

Tax Deductable Donation
This donation goes directly to Suncoast Primates


Visit Suncoast Primate Sanctuary ... to see their Nature Park information.




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