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Personalized Photo ID Program to Create Your Own Cards

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Personalized Photo ID Card

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PC Windows Program

No Download Fee
Download: IDMe2.exe [about 1,200KB]
Registration Fee: Free for Billy Bear's visitors

Create and print a personalized photo ID card for you and your children. Carry it in your wallet... print a copy for your files... you can even print larger size if needed. Every step we take... the safer our kids will be.

We like to print our ID Cards out on heavy paper... like card stock. Then we cut them out... and laminate them so the print doesn't rub off... this makes them last longer. We like to update our ID Cards at least once a year... more often for younger children whose looks change as they grow.

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Run this program online. Requires your ActiveX be turned on to work properly.

Photo ID Online

Tooth Chart
Body Chart

Click on the exe file to run the program. To un-install the program... delete the exe program and the txt file from your computer.

ID cards help your child give their information when they, or you, aren't able to... in case of an emergency authorities will have the information they need when you use personalized ID cards. You can attach these cards to your strollers, diaper bags, key rings, or use them for your luggage tags. You can even create them for your family pets... use them to attach to a pet carrier.

In the "notes" area... you can add medical information... blood type... or important emergency numbers for the babysitters... or even Grandparents. You can even put your child's finger print in that area... or on the back of the card.

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Here are a couple projects that may help your child not to feel so scary while you create the personal information for safe keeping. Fngerprint art... check out the fingerprint art pages. Your PaperDoll Use the paperdoll so your child can draw themselves.

License to Use: This program is free for Billy Bear's visitors. You may use this program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. Please let others know where they can pick up their free copy of this program... at A review of our program, with a link back to our site is welcome.

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