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Start Your Own Personalized Business
Personalized Family Characters

SAMPLEGirl.gif - 4189 Bytes Once upon a time... I said that I would NEVER share my Children characters with the world. Guess... one should NEVER say NEVER. After many requests... I've decided to let my children meet the public to be used in your programing projects... your printable projects... and your storybook programs. You may not however use any of the children characters to be given away or sold in any clipart type collections as individual characters. That would only defeat any project I... or anyone purchasing this package from using this artwork for profitable projects.

You'll need your favorite graphic editor (I like to use Paint Shop Pro) and this Character Package to create your own personalized Family graphics.

SAMPLEFullPage.gif - 37658 Bytes
Screen Shot - Drag & Drop Program

SAMPLEGirl2.gif - 4158 Bytes This is the program I use to create my personalized children/family characters.

What you get... 1 program where you create your Family Characters, 1 program where you can create Family Stationery (this includes the Baby family members... puppy dogs and kitty cats), 1 program where you create personalized bookmarks and a zip file of 30 cliparts + the puppy dogs, kitty cats, and you color for a total of 70 cliparts.

IE Browser (standard on Windows) must be installed on your computer for the Family Character program to work correctly.

SAMPLEFaces.gif - 5068 Bytes

SAMPLEHair2.gif - 24012 Bytes
The Family Character Program ... you pick which hair style (50 different hair styles, brown, blond and black hair to pick from... cancer family members and those that have the cute bald cut can have a scarf or head band if they'd like), clothes (27 different outfits) and other items (such as mustache, beards, goatees, walking braces for handicappers and a few other objects) you want to add.

SAMPLEHairColors.gif - 2622 Bytes

There is a printable order blank that you can use for your customers to help personalize your product. If you want an internet order form, do a search on the internet for cgi-scripts order forms. Please don't ask for help with this, I can't help.

SAMPLEClothes.gif - 39786 Bytes I've included instructions in the Family Character Program on how to use Paint Shop Pro to copy and save your characters as clipart for your projects. If you don't use Paint Shop Pro... you may be able to copy and paste in your favorite graphic editor. If you'd like to try Paint Shop Pro, we have version 4 that you can download and try out. This version doesn't expire and has the screen capture I use when creating Family Characters.

Open the Family Character program... click on the hair style and color you want to add and drag it to the character. Next... click and drag the clothes and items you want to add. Click on your keyboards PRNSCN (PrintScreen) key. Open your favorite graphic editor... click on EDIT... then click on PASTE. In Paint Shop Pro, I click on PASTE... AS NEW IMAGE. In your graphic editor open the BLANK100X150.bmp that is included in your zip file. Paste your character in to this blank graphic. Save your character. Now your character clipart is ready to use in any of your projects.

ItemsSAMPLE.gif - 14299 Bytes
The Family Stationery program you can add the characters you've created with the main character programs. Plus... I've added baby boys and girls... puppy dogs and kitty cats (as shown in the picture below). You can put up to 6 family members and/or pets on each stationery page.

SAMPLEBabyPupKitty.gif - 22441 Bytes
Screen Shot - Drag & Drop Program

Oh oh... the family has twins... and we've only got ONE of each here. Or... the family has two dogs with spots... no need to worry. I added the clipart of each of the pets so you can add more to the stationery if you need to. SAMPLEBoy.gif - 3631 Bytes I've also added a gold fish, bird and hamster to the clipart that you can add for those with extended family members. You can create more baby family members with the Family Character program.

SAMPLEgirl3.gif - 4146 Bytes I've added a few finished puppy dogs, and kitty cats to the stationery program. But... your customer may request a different color pet... so I've included these graphics so you can color them yourself. Open them in your favorite graphic editor, color them in... then SAVE them with a DIFFERENT name so you don't over-write the originals. If you do... don't worry... as long as you save the zip file... you will always have copies of the originals.

SAMPLEClipDogKitty.gif - 9729 Bytes
Use your favorite graphic editor to color these if you
need other Pups and Kittens for your customers.

SAMPLEAddPix.gif - 8128 Bytes
Screen Shot - Add Pictures area

You use the buttons shown here (sample of program) to add any of these cliparts (up to 6 pictures per stationery page)... or the characters you created with the other programs to this Family Stationery program. There are simple instructions on how to set up your characters to use with this stationery program.

SAMPLEfamily.gif - 9000 Bytes

Now... even with all this... the task of creating your personalized characters will still take some work from you to complete. But the chore of drawing them up has been done for you... all you now need to do it put them together as your customers request them.

Once created, you can use your personalized character clipart with any of your programs. Many of the programs on the market allow you to import clipart. If you dont' know how to do this... read your HELP files to find out how.

SAMPLESize.gif - 12902 Bytes

SAMPLEBookmark2.gif - 19523 Bytes This is the actual size of the characters from this package. You may want to save this picture and print it out just to test the size it will print out at... or better yet... print this page so you have it to read later.

SAMPLEBookmark.gif - 23796 Bytes
20 Bookmarks to pick from ... add up to 3 character pictures (one name per bookmark)

Just like in the stores... once you purchase this computer program... there is no refund. This program may work slow on slower computers.

Package includes...
1 program where you create your Family Characters - a $39.95 value
1 program where you can create Family Stationery - a $12.95 value
1 program where you can create Personalized Bookmarks - a $12.95 value
70 pieces of Clipart - a 9.95 value
$75.80 value for $49.95 ... a $25.85 SAVINGS!

Use these programs to make extra money for your own home business. You can not create the characters to include in any clipart collection for free or for profit. You can use the characters that your create in our personalized programs, programs you create, storybooks you create and/or other personalized programs you print to sell.


Taller Family Characters
Tall-ShortSample.gif - 12639 Bytes
These characters are a bit taller than those in the 1st package... they can be used as the parents (I've used the 1st package characters for my children and parents... but some like the parents a bit taller). Lots of Clothes, many newer clothes (including jackets for mom or dad) than what you will find in the 1st package. The hair styles are the same as in 1st package. You'll also find an order form that you can print out for the taller characters.

PayPal - Taller Character Personalized Program - $29.95


Wheelchairs & Love Sign Rainie's Kids
Wheelchair.gif - 5513 Bytes signing.gif - 3953 Bytes

Create family members in wheelchairs.. and signing. This package comes with 2 programs... each have 17 outfits to pick from. The same hair styles as found in the packages above. As with the other package... you can create boys and girls. The signing family member is singing "I Love You"

PayPal - Wheelchair & Signing Programs - $29.95


Deluxe Secret Secretary for Rainie's Kids
This is a copy of our popular Deluxe Secret Secretary program... but this one is created so you can add the Rainie's Kids that you created with the programs above. Now you are able to add even MORE personalized kids!

Letters to Santa (8 different letters on 7 different backgrounds)... the Easter Bunny (8 different letters) and the Tooth Fairy (2 different letters). Print Bookmarks, Award Certificates, Artwork Sheets for Stickers, Jigsaw Puzzles... Envelopes too.

PayPal - Deluxe Secret Secretary Program - $24.95


Certificate Program - $19.95
SAMPLEcertificate.gif - 26834 Bytes

This program is created to use the same 100x150 pixel character clipart you create for your other personalized products. Create personalized award certificates... lots of background edges to pick from. Holiday graphics to place on your certificate add a special touch. Similar Program

PayPal - Personalized Rainie's Kids Certificate Award Program - $19.95


PaperDoll... PlayHouse Program - $14.95
SAMPLEPaperDoll.gif - 46692 Bytes

This program is created to use the same 100x150 pixel character clipart you create for your other personalized products. Create personalized Family and Friends PaperDolls. Print the PlayHouse pages to give or sell to others. Print a small house and 3D Puppy. Print items... lots of pretend "let's have dinner" items. Print 2 pages of furniture, including a 3D Christmas tree. Print Visit the Zoo... lots of cute animals.

PayPal - Personalized Rainie's Kids PaperDoll... PlayHouse Program - $14.95


Note from MY Mommy Stationery - $12.95
SAMPLENoteFromMYMommy.gif - 4685 Bytes

This program is created to use the same 100x150 pixel character clipart you create for your other personalized products. Create personalized Note from MY Mommy stationery. Similar Program

PayPal - Personalized Rainie's Kids Note From MY Mommy Program - $12.95


Cutie Bears - $12.95
SampleCutieBears-RainiesKids.gif - 26209 Bytes

This program is created to use the same 100x150 pixel character clipart you create for your other personalized products. Create personalized Money Cards (can be used for Gift Certificates too! Similar Program

PayPal - Personalized Rainie's Kids Cutie Bear Money Cards Program - $12.95


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