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No Salt - Low Salt
Lower Michigan Shopping List

Sometimes... we just don't have the time to make everything homemade.

If the label says... LOW FAT... those who can not, or should not eat meals with salt... BE AWARE... most low fat items are higher in sodium than the regular brand. Choose the lower sodium item... but remember to conitue to watch your fat intake.

Three things in the market place today make food taste good... SALT, SUGAR and FAT. If you take one away, or lower it... they seem to increase one of the others... learn to watch the labels.

The products we've found... are lower in sodium than other brands... BUT... some are high in fat... some can be eaten... as long as you watch the amount of fat you eat. Some should only be eaten once in a great while.

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Item Brand Name Store Found Soduim
Baby Corn Kame Krogers 10mg
Bacon Lightlife JP Natural Foods
Saline, Mich
Beans Eden several stores 15mg
Bread Aunt Millie's several stores 85mg
Breadsticks Stella Doro Farmer Jacks 40mg
Browning Sauce Kitchen Bouquet several stores 10mg
Clams Geisha Meijers 60mg
Cottage Cheese Deans Meijers - Ypsilanti
Carpenter Rd
Corn Meal Quacker Farmer Jacks 0mg
Crackers CVS CVS 110mg
Crab Crown Prince JP Natural Foods
Saline, Michigan
Dips Home-Style Foods Farmer Jacks 78mg
Donuts Rich's Krogers 40mg
Eggroll Wraps Melissa's Country Market
Flour Tortillas Manny's Meijers 110mg
Ketchup Heinz Meijers 5mg
Milk Bareman's Foodland
Mozzarella Mozzarella Mozzarella Co. no salt
Mushroom Broth Pacific Krogers 230mg
Nuts Krogers Krogers 0mg
Nut Mix Busch's Busch's 0mg
Peanut Butter Arrowhead Mills Krogers 0mg
Potato Chips Terra Krogers
Farmer Jacks
Salsa Green Mountain Meijers - Ypsilanti
Carpenter Rd
Sardines King Oscar Meijers 70mg
Scallops Ocean's Original sorry... forgot where I bought them 140mg
Shrimp Krogers Krogers 70mg
Sour Cream Breakstone several stores 15mg
Soups Campbells Meijers
Spaghetti Sauce Steff FoodTown - Milan 190mg
Soy Sauce Angostura Krogers 390mg
Spices several brands several stores 0mg
Sweet & Sour Sauce Healthy Heart Market 50mg
Tomatoes Del Monte several stores 50mg
Tomato Puree Contadina several stores 20mg
Tomato Sauce America's Choice Farmer Jacks 15mg
Tuna Star Kist Meijers 50mg
Veggie Juice R.W.Knudsen Farmer Jacks 35mg
Worcestershire Sauce Angostura Krogers 20mg

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Items listed below can be found in many shops

Promise Margarine (blue container) ... 55mg - 1 tablespoon
Promise Margarine (red container) 70mg - 1 tablespoon
I Can't Believe it's Not Butter (spary bottle) 0mg salt

Edy's Vanilla Ice Cream... 30mg sodium - 1/2 cup serving
Sherbet Ice Cream... many brands 15mg sodium - 1/2 cup serving

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ... low in sodium
Frozen Fruits and Vegetables... many low in sodium
(those with butter, cream & sauces are high in sodium)
Canned Fruits... no salt or low salt
Jelly and Jams... no salt or low salt

Canned Vegetables - You'll find many low salt/no salt vegetables Meijers is a great place to find DelMonte and Hunts low salt - no salt brands... no salt peas (I like fresh pea pods), spinach (Popeye no salt added ... yum), corn (I like the frozen corn better), cream corn (yum), green beans (I like fresh beans better), stewed and diced tomatoes (yum) and more.

No Salt Added... this means that they did not add any salt ... but... there may be sodium found in the natural fresh foods... such as the Popeye no salt added spinach... has 35mg sodium per 1/2 cup servings.

I Can't Believe it's Not Butter spray... boil up some asparagus... and spray with the butter spray on each piece just before you eat them ... oh yum... nice and buttery tasting! Use this butter spray on other vegetables... popcorn... bread.





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