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No Salt - Low Salt Recipes

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No Salt - Low Salt

When cooking... I look at the total sodium count of a recipe... then divide that by a serving size to see what I can eat for one meal.

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I use the container's nutrition label... and Living With Less Salt booklet... a dietary guide for patients with heart failure... given to me by my doctors. Very useful lil' booklet... lists foods and their sodium content... ask your doctor or nurse for a copy.

You'll find many of the products I've used listed on our Shopping page... with "where" we bought it ... hopefully making shopping easier for you.


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Make foods last longer

Cheese - Grate the cheese... then freeze it. I've found when I grate the cheese... I end up using less. Freezing it makes the cheese last longer... not as much waste!

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits - chop or cut up vegetables and fruits... then freeze them. OR... you can dehydrate them too and store them in air tight containers. I dry onions, mushrooms, broccili, carrots, celery... then add a few to my soup or stew.

Make soups, stews, chili... then freeze them in individual servings... makes your next meal easy to warm up... I like fast and easy!



Recipes from your cookbooks... Omit the sodium from the recipe. If using baking powder or baking soda... get the no salt brands (Healthy Heart Market carries these). In my bread recipes... those that call for salt... if there is an egg in the recipe.. I omit the salt... if not... just add a pinch of salt instead (or omit it) of the recommended amount. Most important... just watch the amount of sodium you add.

Add a change to your meals... we like to use different plates to eat on to give us a visual variety.

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Serving sizes... buy glasses, cups and bowls in 1 cup... 8 oz serving size... that way you can FILL THEM UP!

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Putting a meal together

It is a good idea to watch your sodium intake... and also your fat intake each day. I've found that most "fat free" products are higher in salt. Often times I'll buy the item that is higher in fat so I can eat the lower amount of sodium. BUT... what I do... I'll cut back on the amount of fat I eat at the meal... say I want to add regular sour cream (15mg sodium) to my beef and noodle dinner... I would use less meat... viola... less sodium... and less fat for my meal.

Soups and Stews... make ahead of time if you are using meats... after cooking... let the pan set in a cool spot... the fat will form on the top of the soup and can be scooped out prior to serving.



Visit for great No Salt - Low Salt Recipes!




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