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No Salt - Low Salt Recipes

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No Salt - Low Salt



pizza.jpg - 12430 Bytes Preheat oven 450 degrees.

Pizza Dough

    1 2/3 cup Warm Water
    2 tablespoons Olive Oil
    3 tablespoons Sugar
    5 cups Flour
    1 tablespoon Bread Machine Yeast

Only about 20 mg sodium for the entire pizza dough. This is enough to make 3 medium pizzas. We make one... and freeze the other dough for another time.

Olive Oil... put a few cloves of garlic into a bottle... add olive oil... and let set for a day or two. We found a fluted oil jar and mixed the Olive Oil & Garlic Cloves... it's great tasting for many things... salads... breads... spaghetti sauce... pizza dough.

Put all ingredients in your bread machine... add liquids first... dry ingredients next... yeast last. (Follow directions of your bread machine.) Set your bread machine to mix DOUGH. Our machine takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

If you are using a metal pan... spray the pan with Pam or other no salt spray. Put some oil on your hands do it won't stick to your fingers... pick up the dough and push out on your pizza pan. Let the dough set for 20 minutes... then add your toppings.


Topping Suggestions
    1/4 cup pizza sauce (check your label)
    low salt or no salt mozzarella cheese (check your label)
    tomatoes (1 medium - 11mg sodium)
    green peppers (1 pepper - 2mg sodium)
    yellow peppers (1 pepper - 2mg sodium)
    red peppers (1 pepper - 2mg sodium)
    sliced mushrooms (1cup raw - 3mg sodium)
    onions (1/2 cup chopped - 2mg sodium)
    Squash (1 cup - 2mg sodium) pineapple chunks (1 cup - 2mg sodium)
    lean ground beef (3oz beef - 55mg sodium)

Spread pizza sauce over the crust. (Crushed Low Salt Tomatos can be used... add Italian spices that you like.) I use a pizza sauce (Spartan brand) that is 220mg sodium for 1/4 cup... I use half of this... which equals 110mg.

Add the toppings that you enjoy.

Bake at 450 degrees for 25 minutes, or until crust is golden brown.

Whatever you add... make it low sodium... watch your sodium intake.

No Salt and Low Salt Mozzarella Cheese can be purchased online at the Mozzarella Company.


pizza-pan.jpg - 15508 Bytes

My husband is not on a low sodium diet... he can eat just about anything... we did one half pizza for me... and one half pizza for him... yes it was delicious! It was so low in sodium that I could eat 2 pieces!




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