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SketchBook Drawing Program... sketch book software

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PC Windows Software - SketchBook Drawing Program
Learn to Draw with a Mouse or a Tablet
Yes, teachers may use this program for their class projects.

SoftwareScreenShot.gif - 30290 Bytes

Turn on the program... the first page is blank for you to draw anything you want. Use your imagination...

draw a bird,
your shoes,
a bogeyman,
a new hair cut,
your portrait (yes... YOU),
a monkey, a bear, a bug in your hair,
your foot (or your nose),
your foot...touching your nose.... giggle
a jar of strange food,
your favorite snack (BEFORE you ate it),
design a school desk,
a car... (a fast car),
your cousin,
a fried egg,
a happy flower,
your favorite animal...

anything you want.

Next page begins the practice pages. You will see the lines we've added are a light blue color. Draw over what you see to begin your sketchbook adventure. We've given some suggestions using the blue lines... take the colors (there is lots of colors to pick from) and make your own drawings.

Every now and then, print out one of your drawing and save it in a paper notebook. It is great to have pictures you've drawn to look back at. It will also be a nice addition to your portfolio... if you want to find work in the art world... a portfolio of your drawings is a must have!

Free Program for Billy Bear's Visitors
Windows Software
Kid's Note: Always ask your parents first before downloading!
Download: BB-SketchBook.exe [about 1,500KB]

SceenShot2.gif - 10009 Bytes
Use your mouse... or your drawing tablet's pen. See the blue lines... use those lines to create your own drawings.

RoziDrawTabletMouse.jpg - 31126 Bytes

This is Rozi... we've set her up to show you our drawing area with the mouse and drawing tablet. You can use your mouse... or your drawing tablet (with the tablet pen, it may make it easier for some to learn how to draw on a computer). Either way... give it a try... Just have fun with it!

I put a piece of post it paper on my tablet. I found the original surface was too smooth, and my pen would slide too fast to draw. The paper really helps my drawing... maybe it will help you too.




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