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Painting on Rocks

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Painting on Rocks

Materials Needed:

Warm Soapy Water
Paint Brush
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Varnish


1. Find yourself some nice rocks... I like large rounded rocks.
2. Wash the rocks with warm soapy water. Rinse off the soapy water.
3. Let the rocks dry in the sun.

People have been painting and carving stones since back in the days of the cave men. Today you can be part of this history... you too can paint on rocks.

LadyBugs are really fun! Paint the entire rock RED (OR your favorite color)... you may need two or three coats to cover the stone. Next... paint the head part BLACK... with a line of black down the center to separate the two wings. Use the end of the brush... dip it in black... then dab the black spots on the red wings. Add to dabs of white for the eyes. Allow this t dry. Put a coat of varnish over the entire stone. Viola... a Ladybug!

Colors needed... Black, Red (or your favorite color) and White

LB1.gif - 5433 BytesLB2.gif - 5552 BytesLB3.gif - 3703 Bytes
LB4.gif - 3646 BytesLB5.gif - 4297 BytesLB6.gif - 4290 Bytes

For smaller stones, glue a magnet on the back. For larger stones, use as paper weights... or put them in your flower garden. Painted rocks make nice gifts.


Painting Animals

step1.gif - 16434 Bytes    step2.gif - 16100 Bytes    step3.gif - 2735 Bytes

Find a photo of an animal you like. I like Chimps... I picked this photo of Shawn to paint on my rock. I traced around her face... this gave me an idea of the shape needed.

Colors needed... Black, White, Flesh, Yellow, and Brown

c1.jpg - 12930 Bytes
Paint the entire rock black... more than one coat may be needed.

c2.jpg - 14467 Bytes
Once the black is dry... paint the shape of the face, use flesh color. Paint the ears flesh also.

c3.jpg - 18085 Bytes
Use the black to shade in the muzzle/eye area. I like to use an angle brush for this.

cEar.jpg - 16335 Bytes
Shade in the ear... using the brown paint.

cEye.jpg - 10761 Bytes
Paint a brown cirlce. Add a dash of yellow for highlight. Paint in a round black spot for the pupil. Dab of white for the light.

cNose.jpg - 12591 Bytes
Use the black paint to shade in the nostrils. Add white to the flesh to hightlight.

cMouth.jpg - 17809 Bytes
Use a liner brush to add a ling of brown. I mixed the brown and flesh... I thought the brown alone was a bit too dark for the mouth. Add a bit of white mixed with flesh right above the line.

cfinished.jpg - 21363 Bytes
Use a liner brush to add lines of gray around the face to add hair. I put a few strokes of black on the inner area of the ears. Then added white to the chin area of the face.

Once you are happy with your painting... paint a coat of varnish over the entire rock.




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