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Graphic Programs

We use Paint Shop Pro by Jasc. Our Drawing projects mention this program. There are SEVERAL drawing programs out there now for the computer. Sorry... We couldn't possibly know how to use them all. It really is impossible!

We've included names of some of the tools we use in Paint Shop Pro... you may find these same tools (or similar tools) in your graphic program. They may not have the same name... but look around your graphic program to see if you have a tool that is the same, or similar to what we are using. If not... that's okay... if you work with your graphic program... you will find ways to create your own beautiful drawings!

ToolBar.gif - 9109 Bytes
Shown to the left is the Tool Bar from Paint Shop Pro (PSP). The tools that I use most are those marked with their name next to them.

The MAGIC WAND... let's us select one section of our drawing. This way we are able to work ONLY in the section of our drawing we want to. We use that tool a lot with the RETOUCH tool. This is how we add shadows and highlights to our drawings.

ToolOptions-Retouch.gif - 5489 Bytes

The ZOOM... allows us to take a really CLOSE look at our work. The SELECTION... is useful for copying our drawn objects (like for the Penguins feet... draw one, then copy it.. then paste it so we only have to draw it once.). The PAINT BRUSH... we use to draw freehand. The FLOOD FILL... "Dumps" the color onto or work area. The AIR BRUSH... works like a SPRAY PAINT and scatters touches of color. The TEXT tool... add our letters/words. The SHAPE tool... had preset shapes... like rectangles, ovals and circles.

And then... there is the DRAW tool... I find myself using this tool more and more for drawing my objects... I used to use the Paint Brush tool (would zoom in really close and draw pixel by pixel)... but with the DRAW tool... I can draw a line freehand... or line to line... it works great! Much faster way to draw. Then I go back to using the Paint Brush tool to clean up the extra unwanted lines and pixels. I use the Paint Brush tool to add the detail... like the faces.


Kid's Note: Always ask your parents first...
before downloading anything from the internet!

Download: Paint Shop Pro v4
(a non-expire trial version)




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