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Billy Bear's Sand Art
Coloring Book & Drawing
PC Windows Program

CoverSample.gif - 17758 Bytes

Join Billy Bear and his friends down by the beach... and begin hours worth of talented fun!

ProgramSample.gif - 39415 Bytes

Can you hear the ocean? Fill your buckets with lots of colorful sand...
and lets start drawing!

Pick your tool to draw a masterpiece artwork! Several to pick from... draw crayon, box of crayons, stamper, paint with stamps brush, fill tool, spray paint... you can even add text. You can set the sizes on the draw crayon, box of crayons and spray paint tools.

StampSample.gif - 9220 Bytes You can select several coloring book pages that we've included... or select to draw pages and pages and pages and pages of your own masterpiece works! You can even pick stamps to stamp on your artwork. Hum... with colorbook pages, drawing tools... AND stamps... look at all the possibilities of creating a Masterpiece!

You can use any of our clipart collections to use as your stamps... just save the clipart in your colorbook folder/directory. You'll find "You Color" Clipart in that area of our site too that you can use with this program.

Lots of the colorbook pages have room for you to draw your own creations. You can add text... draw... use the stamps... have fun! Use them for special notes... or use them to create greeting cards by pasting them to construction paper.

ColorBookSamples.gif - 22645 Bytes

MIDILobster.gif - 10488 Bytes If that's not enough... do a search for colorbook pages on the internet... open them in Billy Bear's Colorbook program and paint for unlimited fun! You can even draw your own colorbook pages... save them... and color them over and over again. You can even share your colorbook pages with your brothers, sisters... cousins... and friends by printing them out.

Play MIDI tunes while you draw. Find MIDI tunes on the internet and play them using MIDI Lobster. Put the MIDI tunes in your Colorbook Folder/Directory making them easy to find. Here is a link to original artist... Don Carroll's MIDI Riff Bulge that allows you to listen to his music. With his permission we use one of his MIDI tunes on our main page... The Chicken Dance!

BackgroundSample.gif - 17292 Bytes

You'll find lots of backgrounds to draw on... or use the stamps to help you create pictures. Pick from scenery, room settings to draw on.

Have fun playing around with the program's screen animations... and sound effects added to the enjoyment of this fun drawing program. Find the swimming fish... splish splash! HINT... start by clicking on the starfish.

AwardSample.gif - 10528 Bytes

The treasure map takes you to a special page... an Award Certificate just for you! At the end of your session... print (that is... if it is okay with mom & dad... PRINTER can be turned OFF or ON) yourself an award from Billy Bear for all the drawing you did. Each award is signed by Billy Bear with the days date... and personalized with YOUR Name!

Several drawing tools... 50 colorful stamps... 35 pre-drawn backgrounds and 115 colorbook pages. Plus, order now and receive 500 Free stamps for you to put in your folder/directory! Now you have a total of 550 stamps! Some of these stamps make cute bullets for your web pages!


Free BOOKMARK pages to color
Save and color bookmarks with this colorbook program


Billy Bear's Colorbook & Drawing Program
PC Windows Program

Price: $19.95


FREE Billy Bear & Friends ABC ColorBook
Make an AVI Movie


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