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Download Problems

I am sorry that you are having problems. Sometimes the internet becomes very busy... sometime here at this end, sometimes from your end... and then there is the middle area between you and I. You may want to wait awhile and try downloading another time. (sometimes even the next day) Our busy times are holidays... esp the week before a holiday.

Yes, this does happen for me too when I try to download programs from others. This is why we decided to include this Download Help page. It gives you all the things we use when having problems downloading over the internet.

We have checked all the files, and they are working correctly. Delete the file that you are having problems with, and try to download the program again.




Download Fee ... through PayPal. When paying this fee... click on the paypal button... when you are done with paypal... on the last page... click on the CONTINUE button (usually located in the lower right hand corner). When you click on the button... you will be taken to the download page for the program you wanted.

If you miss this button... email me with the name of the item, item number and paypal transaction number. I will then send you the download information as soon as I am online.




Email Problems ...One of the biggest problems we have with sending email about your download information... make sure you have your email box set to except email from us. Many emails are being returned undeliverable.




Downloading a File...

Link.gif - 2384 Bytes

When you find a program you would like to download (or if you purchase a download, and we send you the link in an email) ...Click on the download link...



If it says... FILE NOT FOUND please email us at:
Please let us know which file you tried to download
by including the name of the program and number on PayPal's receipt
OR... html page you are trying to download from.



saveme.gif - 8342 Bytes

You will see a screen will pop up. This screen will ask you if you want to open or SAVE the file. Click on SAVE.



saveFile.gif - 10292 Bytes

Then, it will ask you where you want to SAVE your file. (I like to SAVE my files in my MY DOWNLOAD FILES folder, that way I always know where my files are saved when I download them from the internet)

When you SAVE the file... write down the name of the file. This way you will know what the name of the file is when you are ready to use the program.



saving.gif - 9150 Bytes

This screen will show you that your file is downloading. Sometimes it will tell you the time it will take to download this file. The time it takes depends on your internet connection... your modem speed... internet traffic. Some times you may have to try again another time if the internet is too busy. The week prior to any major American holiday, my site becomes very busy.



For larger files ... we like to use GetRight. This program helps to make sure the entire file is downloaded correctly. They have a trail version that you can try.



MyComputer.gif - 51564 Bytes

Once downloaded... WAIT until ALL of the program is downloaded. Now... you need to find your file. If you saved it to your MY DOWNLOAD FILES... you will be able to find your file there. If you saved your file in another folder... you'll have to find that folder. I will not be able to tell you where you saved your file... or where your file is... so please don't email me asking where your file is... I won't be able to tell you.

Click on MY COMPUTER on your desktop (this is usually located in the upper left hand corner of your computer's desktop screen.



downloadfiles.gif - 20511 Bytes

A larger screen will pop up... it will show you your drives... Floppy [A:], [C:]... and so on. Double click on "[C:]"

Another screen will pop up... Double click on MY DOCUMENTS.

When the screen opens... Here is where you will find your file. Double click on that file to OPEN the program. If it is an exe file... your program will begin.

If your file is a ZIP file... you will need to use an unzip program to open the file(s) you need. If you don't have a zip program try using the trial version from PKZIP



This site has helpful information about downloading and unzipping files... you may want to visit them at:


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