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Big Cats and other Wild Animals do NOT make good pets!

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Visit the Big Cat Rescue Site


ShereKhan.jpg - 13230 Bytesbilly2.gif - 1690 Bytes
Shere Khan - Billy Bear's Adopted Tiger
Shere Khan lives in Florida at the Big Cat Rescue Site
His area is 3 acres with a nice forest area and a big big pond that he loves to swim in. There he has all the love and care he needs to survive. You can help take care of Shere Khan too... or adopt another Big Cat! Visit the Big Cat Rescue Site to find out how.

Cat1.jpg - 3945 Bytes Cat2.jpg - 4685 Bytes Cat3.jpg - 4749 Bytes Cat4.jpg - 5040 Bytes Cat6.jpg - 5475 Bytes
Middle cat... Raindance... NicName Rainey. Billy Bear's mommy's NicName is Rainie!




ChristmasGiftIcon.gif - 1827 Bytes Can You Help?
Let's buy Shere Khan a BIG BALL
for Christmas!

  • I Want a Pet Tiger
    Animated Storybook... YOU are the star!
    Find out WHY Big Cats do NOT make good pets

  • Print Big Cat Mazes
    Kitty Cat | Kitty Cat2 | Kitty Cat3 | Bobcat | Caracal | Cheetah | Clouded Leopard | Jaguar | Lion | Ocelot | Pallas | Puma | Serval | Snow Leopard | Tiger

  • Animated Jigsaw Puzzles
    Download Puzzle Program and/or Play Flash Puzzle Online

  • Draw your own FingerPrint Lion

  • Help the Tiger Find His Way Home
    Online Maze Game

  • Paper Masks
    Tiger     Leopard

  • Mouse Over Photo Fun
    Check it out!

  • Fur Coats
    How Sad!

  • Adopt a Tiger
    for your WebPage!
    Print Your Personalized Adoption Certificate!

  • Coloring Book Software
    Big Cat ColorBook

  • Animated Tiger Desktop Wallpaper

  • Tiger Calendar
    A new picture every month!

  • Print Personalized Tiger Stationery
    Add Your Name... then Print!
    Birthday - StPatricks - Easter - July 4th - Halloween - Thanksgiving - Christmas

  • Print Bookmarks
    Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6

  • Make Your Own BookMark!
    We like to laminate our bookmarks to help them last longer.

  • Online Game
    Big Cat TicTacToe

  • The Big Cat Hunt
    Match Em Up Game

  • Watch the Big Cats at the Zoo
    ...let's see if they are happy and healthy where they are.
    Animal Observation Worksheet
    Details     Research
    Ask Keepers Questions... learn all you can.

  • Online Game
    Big Cat WordSearch Game

  • Don't forget your
    Big Cat Kukee Camera
    as you forge your way through the deep jungles!

  • Take the
    Big Cat Quiz

  • Draw a
    Life Size Tiger
    A Grrrrreat Classroom Project

  • Download
    Big Cat Jigsaw Puzzles
    Big Cat Rescue Cats Jigsaw Puzzles
    Black Pine Animal Park

  • Build a
    Halloween Tiger
    and... now Lion Dress Up too!


  • Tiger Christmas Postcard
    Check it out!

  • Download
    Big Cat Screen Saver

  • Get 3 Big Cat's Machine


    a-TigerJumpSM.GIF - 22765 Bytes
    More to Come!
    We are excited to share our love of Wild Cats!

    Whose Toes are Those... Learn More about the Tiger and other Cats

    CatJump.jpg - 9055 Bytes
    Aroara jumping


    moviebigcatpicture.jpg - 15887 Bytes
    The Big Cat Picture... This is a MUST for those interested in learning more about Big Cats. It would be perfect before visiting The Big Cat Rescue in Florida... or anywhere else you would find Big Cats. Great to use for school studies! Great pictures... great information! You can buy this movie online at Big Cat Rescue Site. All money made from this movie go to helping to feed and care for these beautiful animals! I LOVE my copy!

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